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Bedford fascias, soffits, gutters and property maintenence

Fascia and Soffit Replacement

We provide and install replacement roofline (fascia, soffit, guttering) to domestic and commercial properties in Bedford and surrounding areas.

We use high quality, long lasting PVC products from trade leading manufacturers to ensure your home or premises will be more withstanding of the elements.

Full replacement of roofline

Old wooden fascia boards and soffits can easily become neglected, with flaking paint and split or rotten wood. Replacing these old wooden boards with robust and easy to maintain PVC plastic will result in a stunning, refreshed appearance to your property.
Full replacement is usually preferred to over-capping with cover fascia as this means the removal of any possible unstable and decaying wood. The result is a much more solid structure to withstand the weather and means little to no maintenance for the coming years.

Roof Ventilation

A roof should be properly ventilated to prevent moisture and condensation build up. Vented soffit is often used to allow the roof space to ’breath‘. If your roof has no current ventilation, vented soffit is a very effective way to ensure the roof space remains free of damp from condensation build up.

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Serving the Bedford, Bedfordshire, Herts and Cambs areas, we aim to provide the highest service of professional fascia and soffit installation in this region. Please get in touch now for a free no obligation quote.


What is that part called?

If you are unsure which part of your property is in need of attention, here is a basic guide to some of the main components and areas that often have issues:

New Fascia and Soffit Bedford
  • Barge board - This is the board on the gable end of a house, at an angle reaching up to the appex of the roof.
  • Box end - A box end is the section of roofline where the barge board finishes where it meets the fascia.
  • Fascia - This is the vertical front board, that the gutter is attached to.
  • Soffit - This is the horizontal board underneath, this may be solid or vented soffit board.
  • Gutter - With a gentle fall towards downpipes, the gutter is fixed to the fascia wherever rainwater will fall off the roof.
  • Downpipes - These meet the gutter at an outlet and are positioned around a building to take rainwater away from the structure, usually to to an underground soakaway.
  • Gutter stop end - These are affixed to the gutter ends to stop water spilling out, making sure all rainwater flows towards an outlet and down a downpipe.
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